Got Memorabilia??

Alumni, Friends and Family,

It is the goal of the Phillips/Bricks Alumni Association to restore and preserve the history of Phillips and Bricks Schools. Most of the class composites, trophies, certificates, yearbooks, newspapers, etc that were once housed in the Phillips High School building have been lost.  We would like to restore some of this history in a permanent display in the local County library, Phillips School or maybe someday our own building.  If you have any pictures, programs, trophies, yearbooks, newspapers, etc, please contact the Phillips/Bricks Alumni Association so that we can make copies of what you have.  If you would like to donate the items or have your copies scanned, you would be helping to permanently perserve this important history of our school and our community.  Please contact any of the officers at  our email addresss at if you have any information to share.